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#okay so this is important#and don’t get me wrong I understand why snowing gave emma up. it was to give her her best chance#but it still shows us that emma grew up all alone#that they chose the greater good over her#with august he chose himself and left emma when he knew exactly what he needed to do since she was the savior#with neal? well we all know what he did#and I honestly do not care what you ship but don’t say that he had to send her to prison so she can complete her destiny#there were thousands of other ways of doing that#he left her and NEVER came back for her#(and don’t even tell me killian leaving her in the cell back in 2x09 is the same thing when it’s clearly not! they owed each other NOTHING)#neal didn’t even go back to her when he received the postcard telling him the curse was broken#but then you have killian despite what you think of him#you can’t deny that that ever since the season two finale he was the one person that ALWAYS came back for her#he came back with the bean#he came back to save her when regina’s guards imprisoned her#he came back for her in new york when he received the note to go find her#just the possibility of seeing her again was enough for him to trade his ship for her#he has been the one person in her life that has always chosen her#will always choose her and always comes back to her#and if you don’t think emma swan deserves someone like that in her life#well I’m sorry but you’re just wrong#because she deserves that and so much more 

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Enchantment. Photo By David Hanjani

Rachel Green Best Comebacks

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Seal befriends woman sitting on the beach - Video

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